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What is Horsetail Extract?

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To keep it simple, Equisetum extract is the extract of the entire herb known as horsetail. Horsetail, known under the genus name Equisetum, is an herb that grows around the world and has been used for centuries to treat a multitude of physical ailments. There are several different species associated with horsetail depending on where in the world the herb is being harvested from. Equisetum arvense is the name for common horsetail, and this is usually the name you will see most associated with where the extract is coming from. You may also hear the nicknames of snake grass and puzzlegrass.

The stems of horsetail are usually green, hollow, jointed, and ridged, which give the plant its distinct look similar to bamboo. Equisetum is most common in North America, specifically in Canada and the northern regions of the United States. Although these plants are often considered weeds due to their outbreak in growth and ability to take over landscapes, some people enjoy the appearance. You can find horsetail growing in wet areas such as swamps, lakes, and shorelines throughout North America. Some homeowners grow horsetail reed plants for landscape decor and even use them to make natural supplements or crafts.

How Is Horsetail Used?

The most common way people use horsetail to treat their ailments is through their cosmetics and other healing techniques. You can also use Equisetum arvense leaf extract and Equisetum arvense leaf powder, which is an extract explicitly taken from the leaves of horsetail. The name itself, equisetum, comes from the Latin Equus (meaning “horse”) and seta (meaning “bristle”). This is because when the plant begins to dry out the leaves of the plant begin to look more feathery and feel scratchier, giving it the look and feel of a horse’s tail.

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What Are The Benefits Of Horsetail Extract?

The secret to horsetail’s multiple reported health benefits is its high silica, or silicon, content, which can have very positive effects all over the body. This has led to equisetum extract being used in many, many products. You can find equisetum extract in both a liquid and solid form, making it easy to administer. As a liquid, equisetum extract can be used as an ingredient in a product (typically a cosmetic one). It can also be sold as its extract in a bottle for you to add to your home remedies.

It’s A Natural Beauty Supplement

For use outside of the body, horsetail as an all-natural healing herb is best known for helping to strengthen hair and fingernails as well as improve skin. This is due to its high silica content, which can have a positive effect on hair, nails, teeth, and bones. You will find equisetum extract most commonly in products like shampoo, lotion, and other skincare and haircare products.

You can even find it in other cosmetics such as makeup, fragrances, and suntan lotions. If you are looking to strengthen your hair or improve your skin, you can apply the liquid equisetum extract directly into your hair. You can also take equisetum extract orally as a pill or capsule to help strengthen your hair and nails.

Inner Body Health Benefits

Aside from your outward appearance, equisetum extract can help fight osteoporosis, kidney and bladder stones, and urinary tract infections. In addition to its high silicon concentration, horsetail contains high levels of flavonoids, antioxidants, and mineral salts.

So far, research that has used horsetail to measure its healing effectiveness has focused mostly on its diuretic uses. In a study, horsetail had the same efficacy as other diuretic drugs such as hydrochlorothiazide. More research must be found to determine the overall health benefits of horsetail extract. This could allow people to take an all-natural supplement rather than prescription drugs to help with different ailments.