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Is Horsetail Extract Good for Skin?

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Horsetail is an amazing herb that contains tons of minerals, anti-inflammatories, and flavonoids that can be used to help so many problems in your body. But does that include your skin? The largest organ of your body, your first line of defense against outside forces, and youthful appearance? The short answer is yes. So, is horsetail extract good for skin and can it be used as an anti-aging supplement? Skin Health Just from that list, you can

How To Grow Horsetail (Equisetum) Reed & Care For It

horsetail reed plant

About Horsetail Reed & Why It's Popular Horsetail reed, also known as Puzzlegrass, is a perennial plant, that is growing in popularity. It provides an oriental look to pools and courtyards and is especially popular as a form of low hedging. It looks like bamboo, though it only grows to about four feet tall. It most commonly used to provide a low hedge or as a statement piece in the garden. This article will examine