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Is Horsetail Extract Good for Skin?

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Horsetail is an amazing herb that contains tons of minerals, anti-inflammatories, and flavonoids that can be used to help so many problems in your body. But does that include your skin? The largest organ of your body, your first line of defense against outside forces, and youthful appearance? The short answer is yes. So, is horsetail extract good for skin and can it be used as an anti-aging supplement?

Skin Health

Just from that list, you can see how important your skin is. It is the largest organ that is part of the human body since it literally covers you from the top of your head to the bottom of your foot. It’s the top protector against harmful things like sharp objects. And, of course, everyone can see your skin. It’s one of the first things people see, along with your hair and your smile, and as you age it begins to sag.

Having sagging, wrinkled, aging skin can be a huge destroyer for someone’s self-esteem and confidence. So, you can see how keeping your skin in top condition is so vital.

Silica Provides Youthful, Healthy Skin

How horsetail helps your skin is primarily through one of the most abundant minerals found in the herb, silica. Silica is something our bodies have naturally, but we have far less of it as we age. One of the most important functions of silica in our body is to repair and strengthen damaged connective tissue. As the silica depletes, our connective tissues break down are repaired less easily and less quickly. These connective tissues, usually in the form of collagen, are found in the brain, nerve cells, muscles, hair, nails, bones, and especially in our skin.

Horsetail’s concentration of silica makes it a priority ingredient to add into your daily routine. As for your skin, horsetail can reduce wrinkles and improve the look of your skin, reducing age spots and sun damage.

How To Take Horsetail Extract

Now that you know how great of an effect horsetail can have on your skin, you should know all the different ways it can be added to your daily routines. Lucky for you, horsetail extract has become increasingly popular, and having the Internet at your fingertips makes it really easy to access it. One popular way you can take horsetail is as a supplement pill. This can be the most effective because taking a pill allows the effects of horsetail to work across the body, which includes your hair, nails, teeth, bones, and kidneys and bladder.

You can also find horsetail extract as an ingredient in skin care products, or you can use it on its own as a bottle of just extract.

Another great way to infuse horsetail is through tea, which is so easy to make. All you need is a couple of teaspoons of dried horsetail and boiling water. You can even grow horsetail in your own home, giving you access all the time to this miracle herb.