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How To Grow Horsetail Reed & Care For Equisetum Plants

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About Horsetail Reed & Landscaping Uses

Horsetail reed, also known as Puzzlegrass or Equisetum, is a perennial plant, that is growing in popularity. It is popular for giving an oriental look to pools and courtyards and is especially popular as a form of low hedging. It looks like bamboo, though it only grows to about four feet tall. It most commonly used to provide a low hedge or as a statement piece in the garden. This article will examine how to cultivate and care for the horsetail reed.

When they see this plant, many people feel that it would look great in their garden, but what’s the best way to grow horsetail reed. The best place to buy horsetail reeds from is your local nursery, although once you have an established horsetail reed, pieces of the root can be transplanted to grow new plants.

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Horsetail Reed Gardening Tips

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Keep Your Soil Watered

These plants can grow in a wide variety of soils, although rich topsoil can help them establish. Because they can tolerate a range of soils, you probably won’t need to fertilize the soil. The most important requirement when growing horsetail reed is making sure that the soil is watered well. These plants prefer moist, boggy soils so make sure to be regularly checking the soil is damp enough.

Give The Plants Enough Sunlight

Additionally, these plants require sunlight, so make sure they get full or partial sunlight. It is best to plant in early spring, as they grow from spring to summer, die off and then come back through the root system. The horsetail reed is very easy to care for once established, however, because it grows so easily if soil conditions are right, it can be very difficult to control in the wild.

Care For Your Horsetail Plants

Though you may love your horsetail reed, your neighbors and the local ecosystem may not. Because horsetail reeds grow so easily it is very difficult to contain in the wild. For this reason, an important part of caring for your horsetail reed is making sure it doesn’t spread to unwanted areas. This is especially important as the silicone in their stems means they can’t be controlled by herbicides.

Manage The Roots

The main way that these plants spread is through the root systems. These roots can penetrate deep into the ground, about twelve inches. If conditions are good, these roots can spread rapidly, taking over gardens. To make sure this doesn’t happen, keep them in a container. Or, if you want them in a garden put down a barrier that is at least twelve inches deep around the plants. If you want to remove the horsetail reed, remove the root systems carefully, as the roots may break apart and spore new plants.

Hopefully, now you have all the information you need to add a horsetail reed to your garden!

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