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Horsetail Tea: How To Make, Hair Growth, Benefits, and More

horsetail tea

You may have heard of taking a horsetail extract supplement for anti-aging benefits but tea is becoming the latest trend. This amazing plant has been found to improve the health and wellness of those who drink it as a tea. So, we wanted to write an informative article that explains how to make horsetail tea and what benefits can you see from drinking it.

What Is Horsetail?

As homeopathic remedies continue to surge in popularity, something to keep your eye out for is horsetail. Common horsetail, also known as Equisetum arvense, is an herb that is found naturally in Asia, Europe, North America, and northern Africa. It’s been used for centuries, all the way back to the Romans, as a remedy for all sorts of issues, especially ulcers and kidney problems. Now, we know a little more about all the ways horsetail can help your body, and it’s an all-natural miracle-worker that you can’t miss out on. The great thing about horsetail, too, is that there are multiple ways to add it to your daily routine. One of the best ways to do this is by making horsetail tea, which is so easy to do that you have no reason not to try it right now.

Horsetail Tea Benefits

Research has found that horsetail has the same effect on people as a typical over-the-counter diuretic. This means people don’t have to turn to drugs if they are suffering from edema, incontinence, or other urinary issues. Because horsetail essentially works as a water pill and promotes urination, it can help prevent kidney and bladder stones from forming.

Other benefits include how amazing horsetail is for your collagen. There are tons of minerals found in horsetail, one of which is silica. Silica, or sometimes called silicon, is huge in repairing connective tissues found everywhere in our bodies. As we age, our bodies lose the ability to heal those connective tissues on our own, leading to more damaged and broken down collagen. We can see this visually when people’s hair thins and falls out, or their nails become cracked, or their skin becomes saggy and marked with spots. Horsetail can help to reduce all of these issues through its own natural chemical make-up.

Lastly, and this is especially where horsetail tea is important, it can help fight against colds and cold-like symptoms, such as nasal congestion and coughing. While taking a supplement of horsetail or using products with horsetail as an ingredient are more common ways to help those other issues, fending off a cough and sniffles is best fought with a warm, steamy cup of tea.

How To Make Horsetail Tea

Now, back to how to brew the tea. All you need to do is:

  1. Boil the water
  2. Pour the water over the dried horsetail (add 2-3 teaspoons per cup of water)
  3. Let the tea steep for 5 to 10 minutes
  4. Strain the tea
  5. Add other ingredients if desired (like honey, which is perfect for that cold you’re fighting off)
  6. Enjoy!

There are other ways you can find to brew horsetail tea, but this is perhaps the simplest. You can also grow horsetail in your own backyard or garden, giving you direct access to horsetail tea all the time.