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Horsetail Benefits: 6 Health Benefits For Hair, Skin, and More

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Horsetail is an herb found across the globe that has been used for centuries to help fight against a multitude of bodily ailments. Due to its high concentrations of silica, flavonoids, antioxidants, and minerals, horsetail can be used to target many different issues inside and outside the body. Not to mention it’s an all-natural alternative to other prescription and over-the-counter drugs that manufactured combinations of chemicals. To demonstrate how great horsetail can be, here are just six amazing horsetail benefits.

1. Horsetail strengthens hair and nails

Horsetail abounds with silica and even gets its name from the effect this mineral has when it crystalizes on its stem and branches. Silica, or silicon, is a mineral that aids in strengthening connective tissue found in areas of the body like the brain and nervous system. It also plays a big hand in improving the overall health of your hair and nails by strengthening the collagen found in strands of hair and your nails.

Silica can also have a profound effect on balding and thinning hair, and it can add luster to your dull locks. Since horsetail contains so much silica, it’s no wonder why it’s found in hair care products. You can even take liquid horsetail extract and run it through your hair or take an extract pill orally to increase collagen.

2. It supports bone health

Likewise, silica helps the body by balancing minerals and combining with nutrients. One of the minerals it’s most closely associated with is calcium, which requires silica to be used in our bones. Often, a deficiency in calcium links to a deficiency in silica, and as we grow older, our bodies retain less silica.

Silica can improve our overall bone health (see the study here), from our teeth to even repairing our broken bones. Incorporating the abundant silica found in horsetail into your life could potentially have positive effects against bone diseases, especially osteoporosis.

3. Silica provides younger, healthier skin

Silica can even help strengthen saggy skin. Again, this goes back to its ability to enhance collagen and connective tissues in our body. Silica can not only reinforce but rebuild damaged collagen. Collagen found in our skin is damaged almost daily, making silica a necessary mineral to improve its wellbeing.

Not only that, but horsetail itself has shown to have positive effects against external damages to the skin, such as frostbite. You can even wrap horsetail around a wound or burn to ease the pain.

4. Horsetail plant supports kidneys and bladder

Horsetail not only helps improve exterior features but it does wonders for the inside of your body as well. There is still much research needed to determine the beneficial effects of horsetail, but one of the most known is its effect as a diuretic.

An element to horsetail that researchers haven’t yet determined is that it causes you to urinate more frequently. Historically, this feature has been used to prevent kidney and bladder stones since it helps to flush out the system. It can also help with incontinence by allowing you to release more liquid.

5. It naturally eases heavy periods and cramps

If you’re a woman who suffers from heavy periods, horsetail could even help you there. It doesn’t work the same as in the kidneys and bladder, though. Instead, it promotes blood clotting. It also contains anti-inflammatories that can help ease painful menstrual cramps. Moreover, these features can be applied to other aspects of bleeding as well. Horsetail was also historically used as a remedy for ulcers.

6. It’s been known to fight respiratory tract infections

Lastly, horsetail is known to help ease coughing, nasal congestion, and other flu symptoms. Drinking a cup or two of horsetail tea (which you can buy or brew yourself) can help ease your congestion and coughing. Thanks to its abundance of minerals and antioxidants, it can put you on a fast track to recovering.